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Greatest Golden State Warriors of All-Time

The NBA games have through the years proved that basketball is a team game and that the most reliable teams that seldom miss out the playoffs display flawless teamwork. The Golden State Warriors have remained consistently good at showing exemplary teamwork over the previous three seasons. It has had impeccable players, especially over the last season which saw them set an all NBA record of 73 wins. However, it became clear through the finals that even a history of excellence and teamwork can sometimes succumb to phenomenal individual performances of star players who put up spirited spirits. LeBron James of the Cavaliers single-handedly snubbed the championship from this team with an aggressive and superb display of wit, genius, and stamina. One of the reasons the Golden State Warriors have scaled and stayed on top of the basketball over the decades is because it has also enjoyed the services of such superb individual players as well. Below is a breakdown of some of the greatest Golden state warriors of all time.

6. Tim Hardaway
This guy is famous for two things:
• His sweet handles
• His phenomenal crossovers
This point guard could and did repeatedly decimate the defenses of any opponent team and put the basketball in their basket. He averaged an overwhelmingly impressive 19.8 points for the games he played for the Warriors over a stretched period of six seasons. Part of his individual brilliance was the influence he had on his teammates. He could spur the whole team from resigned attitudes to very spirited fights that saw them overturn many losing trends to wins. He had an average of 9.3 assists per game for all his six seasons.

5. Mitch Richmond
One of the best drafts the Golden States ever made was the 1998 draft when they took in this guy by using up their fifth overall pick. He went on to grace three seasons for the team and averaged an excellent 22.7 points for all the games he ever played for the Warriors. Mitch Richmond certainly earned his spot at the hall of fame during his stay at Bay Area with his sensational shooting. He pulled an average 5.5 rebounds every night he stepped on the court and an 84 percentage from charity stripes. How about that?

4. Chris Mullin
He played for the Warriors for 13 seasons. 13 years is a long time for a big team like the Golden State Warriors to let anyone step on their court almost every time they played. Lucky for them, Chris Mullin was not just anyone. He is the guy who scored a roundup of 20 points for the team every time he stepped on the court. He was the same guy who made some of the most accurate beyond the arc shots in his first five seasons for the Warriors. He remains to be one of the best players ever to wear the Warriors’ uniform in all time.

3. Stephen Curry
Curry is still on the basketball court busting a sweat every time the Golden State Warriors. He is still devastating the team’s opponents with his incredible handles; his dribbling is off the charts, and the athlete is scoring IQ points that haven’t been paralleled yet. His shooting has been the main reason he has scored an average of 30.1 points during the 2014-2015 season. Stephen Curry is simply a player that Bay Area will miss when he retires.

2. Rick Barry
Three phrases can describe his eight seasons at Bay Area:
• 25.6 points and 5.1 assist average
• 89.6 percent accuracy on free throws
• Sensational and indispensable

1. Wilt Chamberlain
He played six seasons for the Warriors, and no words can explain why he is the best of the best. He just has the edge over everyone else on this list.

5 Ways the Warriors Have Gotten Worse This Season

The Golden State Warriors made the free agent signing of the summer by nabbing Kevin Durant, but they have suffered setbacks with yet another hall of famer on their roster. The Warriors did not learn from the lesson of the Lakers of the early oughts, and this article explains five ways the Warriors are wearing down before the new year.

#1: Stephen Curry Is No Longer The MVP

Stephen Curry spends quite a lot of time deferring to KD even though Stephen is the MVP, the best point guard in the league and the best shooter in history. The Lakers of the oughts were too busy passing the ball around to four hall of famers that Kobe Bryant never saw the ball. The Warriors are doing the same with Stephen Curry. Durant may be great, but he is in the way.

#2: Defense Is Stalling

Draymon Green is the defensive player of the year, but he is no longer leading a team that plays strong defense. Kevin Durant is not an elite defender, and his presence on the court diminishes what Green does. Green must be allowed to marshal the court on defense in a way that the Piston of the 80s once did, and a team that does not play defense in the NBA loses games at an alarming pace.

#3: Klay Thompson Has No Room To Play

Klay is the Scottie Pippen to Stephen’s Jordan, and he is capable of scoring 50 points in a game when Stephen is having an off night, and Klay would be a superstar on any other team. He will turn out to be one of the greatest shooters in history, but he is stifled on a team that must allow Durant to score. Durant is taking shots from a man who is more than capable of playing his position, and the ball simply cannot around to each of them often enough.

#4: Luke Walton Is Not On The Bench

Luke Walton was the top assistant in the bay area before going to the Lakers as their head coach. He helped bridge the gap between Steve Kerr and the young players. He is a man of wisdom like his father Bill, and he knows how to win. The loss of Walton is felt every day as the Warrior do not have another strong voice on the bench during games. He may not be viewed as a necessity, but he is missed when the team plays poorly.

#5: The Team Is Strained Over Salary

Spending money ruins relationships in the NBA, and Kevin Durant’s contract is a problem in the Golden State locker room. No one has spoken out about the money Durant makes, but it is impossible to pay everyone when there are four potential hall of famers on the same roster. Durant expects to be paid later in his career, and Curry is paid as the MVP should be. Klay Thompson expects to have his due, and Draymon Green will expect his own payday before long. The team has money, but players are humans. Humans become insecure, and insecurity may rip the team apart.

The Warriors may win a title after figuring out how to play as a group, but recent history shows that having superstars all on the same team may turn out badly. Kevin Durant needs the ball, but Stephen Curry needs the ball, too. The two men must find a way to play together if they wish to win games. There is no chance of winning 73, but they may learn a new system that honors each of them in kind.

3 Teams the Warriors Have to Watch Out for This Season

Who can topple the Warriors in 2017 

The 2016-17 Golden State Warriors are built to be potentially one of the greatest NBA teams ever yet are not invincible. The talent exists but one or two injuries can change the competitive balance in the blink of an eye. Of note, the Warriors have lost the services of the depth they had enjoyed last season including the departures of Andrew Bogut, Harrison Barnes, and Festus Ezeli. Bogut and Ezeli protected the rim which will be one of the ways teams can exploit the “new Warriors”. Defeating the Warriors will not happen by trying to outscore their stars including Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Kevin Durant. Instead, one must focus on maximizing the advantage to be had when competing against the reserves. The Warriors will have to depend upon playing small ball without a legit center to fill the lane. Team like the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs, and Los Angeles Clippers will need to take advance of the advantage they will enjoy competing against the Warrior bench that contains rookies and fringe players.

The Warriors must be outrebounded by the Cavaliers, Spurs, and Clippers to have a chance of defeating the Warriors. All of the above teams have the personnel and each has demonstrated their effectiveness in doing so in prior match ups. The Cavaliers young center Tristan Thompson did well in last year’s finals in limiting the Warriors to one shot and keeping the dribble drives of Curry to a minimum. Former Miami Heat Chris Andersen is available to back up Thompson and can provide 15 to 20 minutes in relief to limit the Warriors second chance possessions. The Spurs brought in LaMarcus Aldridge a year ago, and he has proven a worthy asset to limit the Warriors inside the paint point chances. The Spurs utilize their bigs to defend Curry to slow down his ability to shoot the three and drive the lane. The Cavaliers successfully mirrored the strategy in the finals when they shifted forward Kevin Love to body Curry. The Clippers have the ultimate weapon at the center position in DeAndre Jordan, as he consistently is one of the league’s best at limiting second chance points, historically leads the league in rebounding, and field goal percentage. The one drawback is one has to take him out in the later stages of the game for fear of having to put him at the charity stripe where he struggles mightily.

The Warriors thrive in getting the ball out on transition after a missed shot. Yet, one can take advantage of the emotional Warriors in the same manner. Curry and Green driving the lane and missing a shot can give an opponent an opening to run and score on the other end of the floor. If the break is not there, use a structured offense as the Spurs often exhibit to not settle for a rushed shot. Importantly, one must make the Warriors work on the defensive end. Curry and Durant are human and tire like any professional basketball player. If they are bound to defend on the defensive end, their legs will not have as much spring to fire up shots on the offensive end. The Cavaliers, Spurs, and Clippers can utilize off ball screens to beat down the Warrior guards which can pull Durant out to assist thereby opening the lane for James, Aldridge, and Griffin to get their points. Either way these three teams must play the perfect game and hope that the Warriors make multiple mistakes. The Warriors are the favorite to win the title in 2017 due to the Durant acquisition which will put all others on catch up mode.

NBA Picks & Season Predictions

With all the free agents left it’s going to be difficult to predict the upcoming season, but since I have a fond love of basketball I will do my best.

If Kevin Durant stays at the Oklahoma City Thunder the will make it far in the playoffs. Him and Westbrook have a true dynamic together and if they can get the bench fired up they’d be unstoppable.  Now that he’s left Oklahoma City is in the middle of the pack.

The Golden State Warriors may have lost the championship and may have a lot of free agents but expect them to be hungrier than ever to get another chance for the NBA Finals trophy that says once again they are the best.

It’s no surprise that they are the favorites to win it all again.  The site had them as the team with the highest projected win total at 66.  Now that they have added Kevin Durant they are going to be even better than before, especially come playoff time when it’s more about stars than depth.

This is a young team and even though some may be leaving I believe this team will bounce back to at least the conference finals if they don’t end up winning the championship again.

I think the Cavs may have their hands tied if LeBron ever decides to leave, but I think he’ll finish his career out in Cleveland.

The Celtics I think are going to do great whether they lose free agents or not I expect great things from this team. They did pick up a solid draft pick.  They will be going to the playoffs just how far in the playoffs will they go? I guess the excitement will be felt soon enough.

The Toronto Raptors might have a shot of making it pretty far, and the Raptors can keep Demar I think they have a chance of clinching the east.  Lowry gives them a nice point guard and experience in the backcourt.

One of my favorite teams in the west is the Los Angeles Clippers. When I say favorite I mean that I think this team is going to go really far this season I like what the team is doing. They have a great looking roster and it’s going to be a good season.

The San Antonio Spurs will make it to the playoffs but how far will they go in the playoffs it depends on some other teams in the western conference. I think they will be one of the last teams in the west.

I think with Drummond the Detroit Pistons may be the underdog team that no one expects to win to come out of nowhere. I think it’s possible for them and to go to the conference finals. I am hoping for them to do well. I like this team they’re confident their growing together. It’s going to be a good season.

Miami has a good shot of making it to the playoffs I’d be surprised if they get past the second round but I don’t think they’ll have a problem making it there. This is a older team with veterans that can score and produce in big games.

I believe the Orlando Magic may actually make the playoffs in the 7th or 8th seed hopefully. They won’t trade their chances away like they usually do.

I’m going to go with the Portland Trailblazers to make it to the playoffs and I think they may even improve more than last year.

I know one thing.  If Hield wins the Rookie of the Year and Anthony Davis stays healthy the New Orleans Pelicans could be a team that surprises this year.

NBA Rookie of the Year Picks

The NBA season is looking good for 2016/2017. There is so much new talent that is coming to the game and many fans are excited to see the up and coming players. I know I can’t wait to see what they can do.  There is also talk of who the Rookie of the Year will be.  We’ve already predicted the playoff teams, so today we took a look at the list of rookies and here are our predictions on the favorites to win the award.

There is a favorite for this award already. Ben Simmons was drafted from LSU by the Philadelphia 76ers and he was the first overall pick in this season’s draft. He was a top choice due to his talent. According to the odds and statistical analysis Simmons has a 33% chance of winning this award and there is also a 66% chance that the award will go to someone else in the league. While he has a pretty good chance of winning the odds are still against Simmons.

There are some other players that those that follow the NBA are excited about seeing. Kris Dunn and Buddy Hield have done well in college and this will also be their first year playing in the NBA. Hield was selected sixth but he has the second best odds of winning this award. While they are good Simmons is still favored.

There are some other top contenders for this award as well. They include Brendon Ingram and Denzel Valentine. Ingram was drafted by the Las Angeles Lakes and Valentine was taken on by Chicago. Some say that Ingram has potential to become Rookie of the Year. While he does have a smaller frame he has the skills. Still some people worried that due to his smaller size he will get pushed around by the bigger players on the court.

They are in the top five of the picks. There are some other players that are in the contending by are still considered to be long shots. Jaylen Brown was the third overall pick and Dragan Bender was the fourth pick. Both of these players have a one in twenty chance of winning the Rookie of the Year Award despite their high placement in the draft.

With all of this talent coming into the NBA there are a number of contenders that can end up being Rookie of the Year. There is a lot of talent. Even though there is a favorite at this time anything can happen and these new players can take this award home in their first NBA season.

NBA Draft Recap

I would like start off by congratulating all 60 picks in this years NBA draft and discuss the potential future of these young men’s lives in there new journey. Today I would like to narrow the scope and focus on the top 10 picks in the draft of 2016.

The number one draft pick this years go to LSU’s Forward Ben Simmons who’s future with Philadelphia looks bright. Allen Iversion said himself in an interview with ESPN that he would be in Ben Simmons corner for anything he needs his rookie season. May not seem like much but to have a Hall of Famer extend a helping hand seems to me like a bright future.  He’s the favorite to win Rookie of the Year.

Second round pick Brandon Ingram from Duke wins number 2 spot with an advantage on his ability to grow as a player at a fast rate. According to USA Today The Lakers say if his Duke basketball evolution translates to professional ball then he’s found the right team. I personally think that with Kobe being finished it opens some big shoes to fill but this can be any rookie’s opportunity and give motivation.

After being drafted third to the Brooklyn Nets and then later traded to the Boston Celtics Jaylen Brown’s team chemistry looks excellent with the potential to effect the Celtics rotation early on in the season. As long as Jaylens physical growth matches his mental he will melt right in with the Boston Franchise.

The 18 yr old big man Dragan Bender is the youngest and 4th overall drafted player this year and he’s an international player. Bender being able to compete with grown men at this level will definitely show me his tremendous growth potential. The Suns believe Bender will mature with his unique skill set that brings the Suns a new fire.

As I approach the midway point on the top 10 NBA draft picks we hit our first point guard pick of 2016. Fifth pick Kris Dunn and Andrew Wiggins can become a duo power house under first year coach Tom Thibodeau. They have a real shot at making the playoffs. Thibodeau says Dunn’s defensive efforts are something he wants to build on. Even with Ricky Rubio’s future being put into question across the media I think the team chemistry with Dunn can hit some highs points for his career.

Sixth draft pick Buddy Hield entered the draft as the top college basketball player of 2016. Pelicans hope that Hield brings a scoring threat to back up Anthony Davis in the paint this upcoming season.The Pelicans don’t know early on if they are gonna hold onto Hield so I hope he gives New Orleans a reason to keep him around.

Being picked up by the Knicks seventh in the draft but later traded to Denver, Jamal Murray brings a perimeter game to the Nuggets that has needed improvement since the last season. Murray was coming off of a 113 three pointer season at Kentucky with the Wildcats that spells some potential for his future with the Nuggets.

The Sacramento Kings, Toronto Raptors, and Milwaukee Bucks finished off the top ten picks with forward Marquese Chriss, center Jakob Poeltl, and center Thon Maker. I have leveled out the remaining three picks to have all the fundamentals to be good players on a professional level but nothing that we would be an immediate impact in the NBA.

NBA Free Agent Predictions

The upcoming NBA season will see some changes in team lineups. There are a number of players that are going to become free agents. According to some basketball insiders there are some prediction of what players will be free agents for the 2016/ 2017 basketball season.  Follow the CBS Sports free agent tracker to find out who went where and for how much.

Deron Williams is set to be a free agent. He was making over five million dollars on his last contract. Currently he does not have offers from other teams but there is still plenty of time before the season is set to start.

Rajon Rondo is said to be on the market as a free agent. Rajon was making over 9 million dollars according to his last contract. Currently he does not have a salary of an offer but there are said to be many teams that are looking at him.  I think if he goes to a decent team he can really get them over the hump.

There are some players that are expected to see a change in their salaries. Dehantay Jones from the Cleveland Cavaliers was making around eight hundred thousand dollars. He did not see much game play and was not making hardly anything. He is currently a free agent but has received offers for over a million dollars to play basketball. In this case deciding to go as a free agent was a smart choice with a big pay increase.

Jason Terry is another player that is a free agent. He was making just under a million dollars last season. He is not currently involved in a contract but is hopeful to get one sooner than later and enjoy a pay increase.

Kevin Durant is an unrestricted free agent and many say that he is in his prime. He averaged 28 point per game with Oklahoma City and is currently making around 21 million per season.  If he stays with the Thunder they are a contender, if not then they will struggle to make the playoffs.

Many cannot believe this but LeBron James is on the market as a free agent and he may possibly leave Cleveland. While the team does not want to see him go they are looking to see if they can agree on a deal. Currently James is making around 23 million dollars per season. Just him name alone draws crowds to come out and see the team.

Hassan Whiteside is now a free agent. He scored around 14 points per games and can block just about any shot. He is making just under 1 million dollars a year playing for Miami and is looking to increase his playing time and the amount of money that he earns during the season.

These are just some of the free agents that will be in the NBA for the upcoming season. Free agents are often looking for additional playing time as well as more money to play the game. These free agents see to be on the right track to making more money and making their name known in the game of professional basketball.