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NBA Rookie of the Year Picks

The NBA season is looking like it’s going to be a great one in 2016-17. There is so much new talent that is coming into the league and many fans are excited to see these up and coming players. I know I can’t wait to see what they can do.  There is also talk of who the Rookie of the Year will be.  We’ve already predicted the playoff teams, so today we took a look at the list of rookies and here are our predictions on the favorites to win the award.

There is a favorite for this award already. Ben Simmons was drafted from LSU by the Philadelphia 76ers and he was the first overall pick in this season’s draft. He was a top choice due to his talent. According to the odds and statistical analysis Simmons has a 33% chance of winning this award and there is also a 66% chance that the award will go to someone else in the league. While he has a pretty good chance of winning the odds are still against Simmons.

There are some other players that those that follow the NBA are excited about seeing. Kris Dunn and Buddy Hield did well in college and this will also be their first year playing in the NBA. Hield was selected sixth but he has the second best odds of winning this award. While they are good Simmons is still favored.

There are some other top contenders for this award as well. They include Brandon Ingram and Denzel Valentine. Ingram was drafted by the Las Angeles Lakers and Valentine was taken by Chicago. Some say that Ingram has potential to become Rookie of the Year. While he does have a smaller frame he has the skills. Still some people worried that due to his smaller size he will get pushed around by the bigger players on the court.

Those are the top five favorites with a chance to win, but there are some other players that are long shots who have a chance. Jaylen Brown was the third overall pick and Dragan Bender was the fourth pick. Both of these players have a one in twenty chance of winning the Rookie of the Year Award.  That seems like possibly some value due to how high they were chosen.

With all of this talent coming into the NBA there are a number of contenders that can end up being Rookie of the Year. There is a lot of talent. Even though there is a favorite at this time anything can happen and these new players can take this award home in their first NBA season.