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Greatest Golden State Warriors of All-Time

The NBA has proven that basketball is a team game.  The most reliable teams that seldom miss out the playoffs display flawless teamwork. The Golden State Warriors have remained consistently good at showing exemplary teamwork over the previous three seasons. It has had impeccable players, especially last season, which saw them set an all NBA record of 73 wins.

However, it became clear through the Finals that even a history of excellence and teamwork can sometimes succumb to phenomenal individual performances from star players on a mission.  LeBron James of the Cavaliers single-handedly snubbed the championship from this Warriors team with an aggressive and superb display of wit, genius, and stamina. One of the reasons the Golden State Warriors have been able to stay on top of the basketball world over the years is because it has also enjoyed the services of such superb individual players as well. Below is a breakdown of some of the greatest Golden State Warriors of all time.

6. Tim Hardaway

This guy is famous for two things:

  • His sweet handles
  • His phenomenal crossovers

This point guard could and did repeatedly decimate the defenses of any opponent team and put the ball in the hoop. He averaged an impressive 19.8 points for the games he played for the Warriors over a period of six seasons. Part of his individual brilliance was the influence he had on his teammates. He was a distributor who got guys involved on the offensive side of the floor. He had an average of 9.3 assists per game for his Warriors career.

5. Mitch Richmond

One of the best picks that Golden State ever made was in the 1998 draft when they took in this guy with their fifth overall pick. He went on to play three seasons for the team and averaged an excellent 22.7 points per contest. Mitch Richmond certainly earned his spot at the hall of fame during his stay at Bay Area with his sensational shooting, but he also pulled an average 5.5 rebounds and shot 84% from the charity stripe. How about that?

4. Chris Mullin

He played for the Warriors for 13 seasons. 13 years is a long time for an NBA player.  Lucky for the Warriors, Chris Mullin was not just anyone. He was a guy who could put up 20+ points for the team every time he stepped on the court. He could shoot lights out from long range, and was an excellent passer of the basketball. He remains to be one of the best players ever to wear the Warriors’ uniform.

3. Stephen Curry

Curry is the only player on this list that is still on the roster.  He has incredible handles; his dribbling is off the charts, and his shooting has changed the game. He scored an average of 30.1 points per game during the 2014-2015 season and led Golden State to an NBA title. He’s also a big reason Vegas has the team favored to win it all again in 2017.  Stephen Curry is simply a player that Bay Area will miss when he retires.

2. Rick Barry

Three phrases can describe his eight seasons at Bay Area:

  • 25.6 points and 5.1 assist average
  • 89.6 percent accuracy on free throws
  • Sensational and indispensable

1. Wilt Chamberlain

He played six seasons for the Warriors, and no words can explain why he is the best of the best. He just has the edge over everyone else on this list.