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NBA Free Agent Predictions

The upcoming NBA season will see some changes in the lineup of every team. There are a number of players that are going to become free agents. Of course a lot of people are making predictions on which teams these players will sign with.  Once they do sign you can check out the CBS Sports free agent tracker to find who went where and for how much.  Let’s take a look at a few of the more popular players left to sign and give our thoughts as to where they might end up.

Deron Williams is set to be a free agent. He was making over five million dollars on his last contract. Currently he does not have offers from other teams but there is still plenty of time before the season is set to start.

Rajon Rondo is said to be on the market as a free agent. Rajon was making over 9 million dollars according to his last contract. Currently he does not have an offer but there are said to be many teams that are looking at him.  I think if he goes to a decent team he can really get them over the hump.

There are some players that are expected to see a change in their salaries. Dehantay Jones from the Cleveland Cavaliers was making around eight hundred thousand dollars. He did not see much playing time so was not making hardly anything. He is currently a free agent but has received offers for over a million dollars.

Jason Terry is another player that is a free agent. He was making just under a million dollars last season. He is currently still looking and at his age is looking at only one or two more years to collect a league paycheck.

Kevin Durant is an unrestricted free agent who is in his prime.  This is the guy that every team is after. He averaged 28 point per game with Oklahoma City and is currently making around 21 million per season.  If he stays with the Thunder they are a contender, if not then they will struggle to make the playoffs.

Many cannot believe this but LeBron James is on the market as a free agent.  However, there is next to no chance he leaves Cleveland. He just signs short term deals so he can cash in on the new television money that is coming into the league and increasing the salary caps.  Currently James is making around 23 million dollars per season. If there was no cap then he would make a ton more than that.

Hassan Whiteside is now a free agent. He scored around 14 points per games and can block just about any shot. He is making just under 1 million dollars a year playing for Miami and is looking to increase his playing time and the amount of money that he earns during the season.

These are just some of the free agents that will be in the NBA for the upcoming season. Free agents are often looking for additional playing time as well as more money to play the game. These free agents see to be on the right track to making more money and making their name known in the game of professional basketball.

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